After Effects Mocha Pro Plugin help

What’s the best tutorial to step by step show you how to use the new mocha pro plugin (2020)??
I tried to use it, but i just lost all of my tracking data, and i’m so far, pretty sure my workflow isn’t correct.

For example…if i’vegot my footage in an AE timeline, and i’ve got layers that are solids for the mattes. Do i put the mocha pro plugin on the matte layers, or do i put it on the footage timeline? If i’m supposed to put it on the footage layer, how do i get the data i need to the layer? ugh. this is driving me nuts.

I had put the mocha plug in on my footage layer, hit luanch mocha, and did all these tracks. Now…the tracks are still listed in the layers window, howevever, when i click on any of them, there is no tracking data anywhere!!! All thosehours of work are gone. And im up against a deadline. I did it this way, so i could just send the portion of the clip i needed directlty to mocha…but now i’ve just got a big mess on my hands and i’m panicking.


It sounds like you need the “Getting Started With Mocha” series: Boris FX | Videos

That should get you up to speed in no time.

But this is also super useful conceptually: Boris FX | Mocha Explainer: Understanding co-planar and the surface

But let me also answer your questions:

Put mocha on your footage, since that’s what Mocha needs to read to track and roto.

To get the data on the matte layer, you need to select that as the target layer in the Mocha Pro interface and hit apply data. This section of the user guide is really helpful: Boris FX | Mocha® 2020 User Guide

You didn’t lose the data if you saved the Mocha Pro instance and your AE file, they’re there, you’re just not applying the data. But you can always copy and paste it out of Mocha Pro in the tracking tab if applying the data in the plugin is driving you nuts.

Please let me know if you need any more help and I will be happy to assist. Don’t panic! :slight_smile:

HI mary
thanks for responding so quickly and the information i needed.
As for my issues, i think something bad happened to my track data.
Initially, I had put the mocha plugin on my footage layer.
Then i had launched mocha pro in the interface and did all my tracking.
Now, when i launch mocha, the timeline is gone! I’ve included some screen shots to show you. There is NO tracking data…and the timeline wont let me go anywhere. So i click the button to make sure the timeline is expanded. and i get a timeline with no tracking at all…I never got this when i did the standalone.

See…no tracking data!
FloorMat_V1 should start on frame 3230

And not to mention…when i sent the clip to Mocha, it used the timecode of the clip (3220), and i had to do all this math to convert it’s timecodes/frames to the frames in Ae, which started at 0.

In mocha, the clip should start at 2998 and go past 3505…but as you can see, this clip isn’t that long now. and none of my tracks are there.

Oh no, did it move somehow? Or did the layer properties change? Can you try restarting AE?z

i tried that, i even rebooted. Not sure what happened. I really dont like the plugin.
I don’t even have any autosave files.
I should have just exported the base file out and gone into mocha outside of AE.,
From now on, im just going to avoid teh plugin like the plague.
Now i have to start over with other tracks. Luckily i got what i needed the first time, but
now i can’t go back and ajust my tracks. I’ll have to start over. this sucks.

Can you email me at with the best number to reach you at?