After Remove No Video back in MOCHA? Help!

After much learning,



I’ve had success and now I wish to Re-Edit back in MOCHA. But I can’t see my Video to sample. I must have turned something off?

OK, what have I done wrong:

You haven’t done anything wrong: The plugin does not retain the cached render as it is rendered back to the timeline for the plugin. This is because if the source in the host changes in any way, the render is no longer valid.
To see the original source, choose the clip drop down in the top left of the viewer and choose “Selected layer”. You will then see the source clip.

If you are using the standalone version of mocha Pro, the cached remove render is maintained.

We’ve added a feature request for this cached render to be retained in the plugin so you don’t need to re-render in the mocha GUI.

Martin, thank you. - I was looking in the wrong place. :roll_eyes:

As a Vegas user I’d expect what I do in a Plug would still be available once I would return to it for further correction/editing and so on.

I can do this with NewBlue, TWIXTOR, Neat Video and many more. All are pretty good at assisting the VegHead.

I’ve learnt so much from this recent process of removing the Insect splatter:

  1. Recognize just where MP5 is trying to assist and make sure I have enough - whatever that means - of Contrast, Luminance and a differential of “edges”.

  2. Choosing the most effective of the Tracking Motion Parameters for 1] above.

  3. I can change my Tracking Motion Parameters during the Tracking according to what works: I don’t HAVE to keep Rotation, Scale or . . . . I can change UP or DOWN during a Tracking session.

  4. Martin, I’m still interested in seeing how I can use high contrast items to direct the Tracking of, say here, the Insect Splatter. Mary supplied the method I’m using here with my other variations/adaptions. Would you have further input to this too? - I feel that I could ave got the Splatter done faster.

Also I chose this section as there is a fair amount of Contrast. The majority of it more challenging and I could see an option for my Register Tracking to be a Bonus. Are you interested?

The problem is one of memory and space: Once you start caching high-resolution renders in the mocha plugin you’re eat up disk space quite quickly. Since the render always has to be replicated back in the host, the cache is not retained. But yes, we can see the usefulness of having that render retained and we’ll be working on a feature to do this.

I wil check the insect splatter thread (here) to look over the process. It’s best not to split conversations between forum threads as it’s harder to follow.

I’d normally agree, 'cept I was asking about Video gone missing.

Now back to the SPLATTER thread! :wink: