After warp and unwarp image does not match original?

Trying to do some paint work on a face. I’m tracking a mesh warp, then using stabilize module to unwarp. I do my paintwork in a precomp, then paste the mocha pro effect onto the precomp and choose warp… and the image does not match the original image. There is still some minimal warping that remains? I wouldn’t think this was a track issue as whatever is being unwarped should be the reverse when warped even if the track isn’t good? So what am I doing wrong? I’m in AE using Mocha pro

Without seeing that shot it’s hard to tell, but I’d suggest applying the original mask to the warping section of the workflow, so it’s only applying warping to the area you originally unwarped.

  1. Track mesh
  2. Unwarp render in AE
  3. Paint
  4. Precomp
  5. Apply copy of Mocha effect and Warp render to reverse
  6. Apply Mask around the original area.
  7. Comp on top of original

For example, here is a warp without applying the mask:

And here is the same render with the Apply mask added:

You can also avoid this to some degree by making your spline smaller than your mesh when you are tracking, but it does depend on how much planar movement there is in the shot.

Thank you for the suggestion. However this is all distortion showing up inside the masked area. If we say when using unwarp it goes to 100% unwarp. When I apply Warp onto the precomp it is almost like it only warps 90% back to original?

Do you have the same warp quality set in Unwarp and Warp?

Yes I have made sure the quality matches on all instances of the plugin as well as inside. I have also tried draft just to see if that changed the final result but unfortunately it did not.

Are you able to send the project to look or is it confidential?

I could send you the project but not the footage. So it probably wouldn’t help much.

If you can attach the project I can at least look at the warping restoration and see if there is anything obvious.

Sorry for the delay. I have attached a sample project with my setup here. I would love to use mocha for my face paint work instead of relying on lockdown which is a much rougher product. But so far I still cannot get mocha to rewarp correctly to return to the original footage after stabilizing.

TestMochaMeshwarp.aep (3.9 MB)

Thanks (and sorry for our delay too!). This looks normal, although in this example you didn’t have the unwarp render set in the precomp, which would be why it wasn’t distorting correctly.
I would really need to see the original to see what’s going on. If you want to send it privately we can review then delete it afterwards.

Setting the unwarp render in the precomp does not fix the distortion issue unfortunately.