AfterEffects suddenly closes while Mocha5Pro is tracking

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This is my setup: Windows 10 OS, 16GB Ram, Corei7, AfterEffectsCC (newest version), nvidiaGeForce GTX 980, mocha5 ( also newest version)

Well, I’ve been having this problem while I’m tracking a yard line from a football stadium; I’m working on a 360 video, with the help of Skybox Converter (cube map) just like many of the tutorials on YouTube. The problem is that while (apparently) the tracking is going pretty well, After Effects throws me an error without further information and it has to be shut down. I open my proyect again and follow the same steps, but that error keeps apearing everytime. I’m new with Mocha, so I don’t really know what to do.

I need to solve this ASAP, because it´s part of my work, and i could get fired. :((((

Thanks to everybody, hope to get an answer soon.

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It is possible that you are running into memory issues, which we have seen with very long 360 scenes. You may want to track and stop before the error, save your mocha Pro project. Jump back to AE, then go back in and start again. Beyond this, it is difficult to comment without seeing the scene.

If you have the time to help us troubleshoot, please upload the project and contact the support team here:


This definitely sounds a memory issue. If you continue to run into it, please let us know in the support link Ross replied with above, but we are also working on some adjustments to try and help address this for our users as well.