AI / Face and Body detection

I know that the term AI has been misused just about everywhere, but I believe that the underlying technology is the future of software.
For example, manipulating people’s faces, like Photoshop does, is one of the things that I need the most.
I just shot an interview with two people. One of them has perfect skin tone (for a white person) but the other one, seems kind of greenish. I guess that I would really like to have a filter that recognizes a person’s face in a video so that I could CC just the skin tone. Sure, that can be masked in all kinds of ways, but those are typically super slow and not as precise since they don’t understand what hair, eyes and ears are.
AI could probably make Beauty Box more useable as a filter too.

Thanks for mentioning this - it’s something that’s been on our minds for quite a while. :slight_smile:

Awesome! So, is this in the works? :slight_smile: I seem to be doing a few interviews with two people with radically different skin tones, I could definitely actually use such a tool. I’ve been using the Photoshop Colorize neural tool with great success for stills, wish I had something like that for video!