Alert massages on Mocha AE

Hi !
I’m a French student in Motion Design. I have a problem with the plugin MOCHA which is already in After Effects. I try to reach Adobe Support but they can’t help me, so I try with you :slight_smile:

So when I have done my shape and do the track, it’s working for a while but not so long and I have 2 messages : 1) Tracking Layer 1 terminated prematurely 2) One or more layers were not tracked properly
I can force it for a short time and then it doesn’t work at all.

And sometimes the surface that I made with any of the tools will move and won’t match with my video anymore…

I hope I was clear sorry if there is some mistakes.
Have a nice day

Hi there,

That usually means it has run out of data to track. Can you show me what your track settings look like?


Where can I find this information ?

In the track tab:

You can see my workplace and the messages.
Tank for the help and sorry for the wait.

Oh, yes, that’s not a bug. You’re running out of texture to track and that is the message you get when that happens. You can manually track the last few frames for this page turn.