Alexa Mini log to 16bit EXR log, can't edit colorspace


I’m trying to track some footage I converted to 16 bit EXRs and when I import the shot into Mocha Pro, I am unable to edit the colorspace settings, save for the video gamma, which gives me a pretty flat image to work with.

I can precomp the footage with a LUT and work with the shot with the Moch Pro plugin, but frankly, I’ve lost too much work using the plugin to confidently continue using it, plus I don’t really care for how I have to cache the clip every time I reopen the shot via the plugin. For these reasons and the fact that I can’t customize the UI with the plugin, I’d prefer use the standalone version.

Any insight would be appreciated.


If the image you are getting is too flat and you don’t have the tools in the clip tab to satisfactorily adjust the color space (I guess the black and white balance isn’t enough in this case?), I’d try rendering out a clip that has the ideal adjustments on it for tracking. Or I’d just trust mocha to grab the texture if the colorspace information is there.

What settings would you like to see in the clip tab?


Hi Mary,

Here’s the screenshots I neglected to upload:

48 PM

As you can see, it’s not so much that I’m not getting enough out of the colorspace panel, it’s that the panel is not usable beyond the gamma adjustment.

Yes, baking in a LUT is a solution, but not necessarily the one I’m looking for.

Thanks again.

That’s interesting, and annoying. I feel like those options should be available to you.

Can you email me a single frame and I will do some tests? mary p at boris fx dot com.

I realize baking the LUT in is not an ideal solution, but it might be the one to do for now as a workaround while we track this down.

It probably has to do with the file type but I will have to poke my dev team about why this is showing up like this.


Done and done, thanks!

I’m running into the same problem. Also, when I render the EXR sequence to a quicktime the gamma doesn’t have any affect at all. That seems to be the case for any codec I have tried.

I found one. The gamma will work on a PNG quicktime.

Thank you, we are currently working on a solution for this. The more workarounds we have for now, the better!