Align surface only works in the first frame

Hello, I’m trying to remove a band-aid from a skin and have had good but not great results so far with Remove module. Trying to follow this official tutorial from Boris that uses the Insert module: mocha Pro: Patching & Removing Obscured Objects with Insert Module - YouTube and everything seems to be working fine until the last bit when Mary clicks the Align Surface button before exporting a plate. For some reason in my project the Align surface only works in the frame I click, not the whole thing.

Also after I “insert clip” it doesn’t retain inside the mask but pops the plate in the whole screen…
Any help is appreciated. thanks in advance.

“Align surface” only aligns the frame you are currently on to the full dimensions of the clip.

This is intentional because after that point you want it to distort and skew relative to the tracking information.

What you want to do is make sure you turn on “Use All Layers” in the insert tool if you’re using the Insert Module to render, so it masks out the area of the insert you don’t want to see.

That is a quite old tutorial and the interface differs significantly, so that might be tripping you up a bit.

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Ahh, that makes sense.
Yeah, interpreting the old layout is indeed a bit challenging but I’ve been managing to find my way around it most of time somehow :raising_hand_man:
Thanks for your help!