Alignment in Title Studio

Hello! Please tell me how to align one object with another in a title studio? Maybe shortcut? For example, I want to place the text in the middle of the rectangle when I create a lower third.

Hi Eugene! So there are two possible ways of aligning objects the way you want.

If you’re dealing with two seperate objects (text and spline shape) I would recommend enabling Rulers and Guides. You can drag down from the rulers on either side to set your guides, position them where you like, and then when you position your text, it will lock to the guide position.

I’m happy to give you a step by step walkthrough of how to accomplish this, but here is a quick screen shot to illustrate what I’m talking about:

Another option would be to create a backdrop on your text layer instead of using a seperate spline object.

To do this you’d select the texture track on your text layer and then go to the Backdrop tab in the controls pannel. This will create a spline shape around your text, which will update if you change the text or size.

Let me know if either of these options works for your project. If you have any questions about them, I’m happy to walk you through it.

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Many thanks! I’m new to this program, there is still a lot to learn.