All white screen

Whenever I apply any BCC effect all I get is a solid white screen wether its a clip or transition effect. All has been working fine for the last couple week and then all of a sudden this is happening.

Premiere V22
Mac mini (M1, 2020)16 GB
Monterey 12.0.1

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Hi There,

That sounds quite odd and isn’t something that we’ve actually seen in our testing.

What has changed on your system that might have caused the filters to render with a white screen?

Are you using the new Continuum 2022 version? Have you tried clearing out your PP cache? You might also try toggling the CPU/GPU option to see if it will render using the CPU instead of the GPU (which is selected by default).


This is a new system, Mac Mini. Premiere on the M1 has the option to change from GPU to CPU greyed out. I’m seeing an issue today where FX I applied and rendered earlier in the day look fine, but when I try to add a BCC effect to the timeline now it’s white

Actually I was referring to the GPU/CPU menu in the Continuum filters. For BCC+ filters you access this in the effect editor - just add a filter to a shot, and if it’s rendering white then click on the pop-up labelled GPU Rendering and select Disabled to see if that changes the result. In legacy Continuum filters you access this via the preferences pop-up window - apply a legacy BCC filter to a shot, then if it’s rendering white click on the gear icon in the filter control panel and uncheck the Enable OpenCL option.

Please let me know if this helps. If it doesn’t then you’ll have to file a ticket with support. You can do that here : Boris FX | Open a Case


No change. Mocha is also giving the white screen.

It’s footage from an Canon R5 H264.

My intel imac has no issues with this same footage.


Hmmm … well you state that it’s okay on Intel but not on the M1 so perhaps a codec issue related to the new Mac OS? If you transcode the footage does it continue to display a white screen when using BCC or Mocha?

If I turn Lumetri color off for the clips I’m having trouble with everything works fine for BCC and Mocha. Clip effects and transitions.

Transcoded clips work fine, but we’ve been working with this camera for a couple years and no issues until M1

I just purchased the new M1 Max Pro and any clip with Sapphire or Continuum FX has also gone to a white screen for me. If I toggle the effect off I can once again see my footage. Wondering if you all have figured this out yet?

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We’re working with you offline to attempt to resolve the issue.

This is also the Case for me and I am operating on an older mac. I have lots of keyed filters for vex and now the white screen keeps flashing on and off. toggling the CPU and GPU options have no effect. all these effects were working fine before the update. do you have any other suggestions on how to fix this ?

I think the best option would be to create a support ticket and have someone take a look to see if they can understand why this is happening. One of our support techs is already working with Amir on a similar issue. You can create a ticket here : Boris FX | Open a Case