Alpha channel interpretation for insert clips?

Is there any way to tell Mocha Pro to interpret the alpha channel of an imported clip in a specific way? (in my specific case, a TIFF still with a premultiplied alpha channel)

When I bring in a still with premultiplied alpha, it shows up in the insert composite with black or white fringing, depending on how it was saved. And I cant seem to find a way to force Mocha to interpret the alpha as premult. When I resave the image from After Effects with Straight Alpha, it works fine in Mocha, but I find it hard to believe that you cant force alpha interpretation directly in Mocha?

I am checking in with @jps and @martinb to see if I am missing a workflow, standby.

No, we don’t interpret alpha for imported insert clips, only the source alpha.
We should expand this. We have a known defect for the black fringes that does need to be addressed for premultiplied alpha.

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Thanks, Martin, I thought that was the case but wanted to make sure we didn’t have a build or workaround that might have addressed it.

Any update or roadmap for this? I keep running into this issue, and it’s driving me crazy.

Sorry to report no updates on this alpha handling feature request. We can see about raising the request in the list for a future release.