AMD Vega and RX series TIPs!

Hi All

based on hours of optimizing a few workstations i’d like to help enhance your workflow and response by advising on a bullet proof AMD profile!

Issue: basically Vega 56 Vega 64 (RX 580 etc) was switching between Boris FX GPU accelerate tasks and Vegas Pro 15/16 GPU accelerated tasks…when doing so the GPU would spin up and down… when given a certain task as it should…this was visible via software monitoring tools AND physically looking at the GPU LEDs on the card itself. the issue was it would lock up at next spin up out of GPU idle… causing the APP to hang, the render to pause etc.

THE proven FIX :the resolution to extremely fast GPU accelerated and STABLE function of your rendering is to set the min and max GPU clock in the profile state 6 (min)

Also to set your GPU fan to kick in higher than factory (helps remove any thermal throttling.
The other thing i do is lower the GPU temp throttle as per pic…

these 3 things help mostly the min and max state (think of it like AMD cool and quiet and Intel speed step - except the GPU has to ramp up and down with GPU specific tasks loading and offload into memory…) hope this helps… : P

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