Amount of Texture RAM to Reserve in GPU preferences

My question is quite simple and is about the Amount of Texture RAM to Reserve in the GPU tab of preferences.
I heard that the Amount of Texture RAM to Reserve is 50-75% of the GPU memory.
My graphic card is a GeForce GTX 1070 with 8gb of RAM.
Does it means that if i reserve 75% of the GPU memory, i set 6000 ? (75% of 8000)
Is it right ?
Thanks a lot.


The ideal settings for this really depends on how many other pieces of software are using your card at the time. So if you often have multiple graphics programs open, you don’t want the reserve to be too high, or you will crash. The default settings are usually good enough, but yes, if you set that to 75% you should be using 75% of your memory.


Hi Mary,

Few years later i come back here on this post :wink:
Indeed, i am setting my new computer with Mocha on it.
By rereading the topic, i still have some questions :

First, in the the Amount of Texture RAM to reserve, the defaut setting is 256.
If i fill the maximum (just for fun) , it gives me 16834.
What MiB is it about in this parameters ? Graphic card RAM or System RAM ?
Because in my case my graphic card has 8gb of RAM and my system has 16gb of RAM.
So seeing 16834 max i am thinking of the system RAM ?

Then you told me “The default settings are usually good enough”. I don’t understand why keeping 256Mib when having most power like 8gb. Is there really no difference by changing that. Mocha don’t use those data ?

Thank you very much for your answer, and sorry, because i am maybe completly wrong :blush:


There are some misconceptions about the Texture RAM reserve setting, so much so that we’re actually considering removing the option and just setting it automatically based on your current project.

I’ll try to clear it up:

Set “Amount of Texture RAM to reserve” is related to viewport display textures rather than any specific frame processing.
It is specifically controlling how much GPU RAM to allocate to the display of any given frame on screen, insert clips and sub-displays of the clip such as the zoom windows.
It is the minimum needed to keep all the images Mocha needs to put on screen at the same time.

This means the Texture RAM setting shouldn’t be too high because you’d simply be reserving unnecessary resources that could otherwise be dedicated to actual processing on the GPU.

In general, 512MB should be more than enough for most people for this purpose, but can be higher for those working on high-resolution footage with multiple inserts.

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Thank you very much for your answer.
This is much clearer now :+1: