Analyze only marked clip

Hi, coming from avid to premiere using the optical stabilizer I wonder how I can set the effect to analyze only the marked clip region in the timeline of the effect? Currently it analyzes the whole clip.

edit: …ok, as far as I see it, the optical stabilizer isn’t working at all in premiere. Using the premiere warp stabilizer instead works as expected.
(tested in a 25p and 50p timeline with dslr 50p hd footage )

Yes, we do analyze the whole clip in Premiere, which can take longer obviously but has the advantage that you can adjust the trim of clip after analyzing without needing to re-analyze, whereas in Avid you typically need to reanalyze after adjusting the trim. If you want to analyze only a sub-portion of a clip in Premiere you can create a sub-clip or sub-sequence and apply Optical Stabilizer to just that portion.

We are not aware of any problems with Optical Stabilizer not working in Premiere as you report, so if you have any additional details on that please let us know.