Analyze only marked clip

Hi, coming from avid to premiere using the optical stabilizer I wonder how I can set the effect to analyze only the marked clip region in the timeline of the effect? Currently it analyzes the whole clip.

edit: …ok, as far as I see it, the optical stabilizer isn’t working at all in premiere. Using the premiere warp stabilizer instead works as expected.
(tested in a 25p and 50p timeline with dslr 50p hd footage )

Yes, we do analyze the whole clip in Premiere, which can take longer obviously but has the advantage that you can adjust the trim of clip after analyzing without needing to re-analyze, whereas in Avid you typically need to reanalyze after adjusting the trim. If you want to analyze only a sub-portion of a clip in Premiere you can create a sub-clip or sub-sequence and apply Optical Stabilizer to just that portion.

We are not aware of any problems with Optical Stabilizer not working in Premiere as you report, so if you have any additional details on that please let us know.

Hi, I would like to revive this thread since I haven’t had any luck to use the BCC Optical Stabilizer in Premiere. I miss the way I used to work with BCC Optical Stabilizer in Avid (same system) before.
I testet this with one MacBook Pro (2017, Radeon Pro 560) and with a Mac Pro (Cheesegrater, Nvidia 1080 Ti), both with mac OS 10.13.6, Premiere 2019, source DSLR footage is 1080p 50fps mov in a 25p timeline (or 50p timeline).
I can analyze a clip, but the result is even more shaky than before. Are there any settings I have to take care of? I rechecked with the borisfx tutorial on that topic (Continuum Premium Filters for Adobe Premiere: Optical Stabilizer - YouTube).
Any advice?

We have not been able to reproduce any problems with BCC Optical Stabilizer failing in Premiere. Would you be able to send us a sample project so we can review the project settings? Perhaps it is specific to certain formats or frame rates. You could send it offlist to me directly at:
jclement at borisfx dot com

Also which exact version of Continuum are you using?


This appears to be an issue with trimmed clips in Premiere. BCC Optical Stabilizer is not handling front-side trimming correctly in this host. We have filed this defect in our database, but you should be able to workaround the issue in the meantime by nesting the clip after trimming. If that doesn’t work for you please let us know.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Hi Jason,

thanks a lot. I’ll try this workaround. I had lately difficulties to mixdown videoclips with baked in effects, trims and timeremappings. Did not get it to work with „render and replace“. Happy to hear about workarounds in Premiere. Editing for more than 15years with Avid I know some of them there, but in Adobeworld I am sometimes still a little bit lost. I am still missing HUDs with BCC transitions in programm monitor. Hope Adobe get this fixed. It was such a useful feature.

Cheers and thanks again