Anchor point data not copying from mocha

Apologize if this has already been covered, I have been searching around for information on this but nothing so far. I am trying to stabilize some drone footage to be locked off as much as I can. In mocha I am tracking the transition, scale and rotation then exporting the tracking data, and copying to clipboard the transform data. In AE, I am on the first frame when I paste to my clip, the anchor point data is not copying over. I’ve checked the frame rates/aspect ratios and all that, but no luck so far.

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We should have a tutorial covering just that right here:

Are you pasting in on the first frame of the clip?


Watched through and followed that as well as the longer stabilization webinar. Yes, pasting to the first frame, and tried with no sheer or perspective as well as just tracking translation. When I paste the keys back to the clip in AE, my anchor point stop watch doesn’t get keys on it, but Position Scale and Rotation will.

Are you inverting the tracking data? If you continue to have problems, can you email me the shot to


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We removed anchor points from the exports in later version of mocha as they were causing confusion for people who just wanted tracking data.

The correct workflow for exporting stabilisation is to do what Mary suggested above:
Click “Invert” in the export dialog and mocha will reverse the tracking data to be a stabilisation data instead, using position, scale and rotation. The advantage of this method is you can also do the same with corner pin exports to get shear and perspective warp stabilisation as well.

thank you both so much for the help! much easier now that I know to not be looking to get anchor point keys with the export.

I got a question about “invert”. I was actually not aware of this, and used to use to paste to anchor point or expressions to invert the tracking data so my question is:

  1. you say “current workflow” - I see the invert feature is there in all recent versions. so why would you need paste on anchor point or use expressions to inverse rotation or scale if all you had to do is just click invert? also in the tutorial Mary mentioned in the post: why isn’t he using “invert”?

following question: are there any disadvantages of using the “invert” over pasting on anchor point or expressions to rotation/scale?

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There are many options for stabilize workflows, use the one that works best for you.

There's not really disadvantages, it's just that there's more than one way to stabilize a shot.


I see. thank you :slight_smile: do you have any tutorials using the invert command? this is so straightforward so I actually thought I am missing something as for why Ben did not mention it in this tutorial because it is much easier…


edit: found this where you mention it:

Is the possiblity to transfer anchor points available again in the reworked version of Mocha for AE?
I miss it, have to adjust manually all the time.