Animation Control in Title Studio

I can’t seem to find the Animation Control Tab in Title Studio.

Specifically, I’m working in Premiere with the latest version of Title Studio. I’m using the “Underground” preset. I don’t want the speed of the animation set to the duration of the effect. I’d like it to establish in a certain amount of time (like 2 seconds) and then stay static for the duration of the clip.

I would suggest using a rigid run to handle that. Here’s a link to a couple of video explainers for using Rigid Runs in Title Studio : Boris FX | Videos

@andrew1 Did this video solve your problem? I’m trying to accomplish the same thing as you but cannot get this rigid run to do it.

That’s a different issue Kyle - the issue that you’ve encountered is with a keyframed Blur shader. I’ve provided the steps to follow to achieve the result you’re chasing in the post that you created.