Annoying cursor behavior

When working with B-Splines, when I use ctrl+mouse to grab a control handle the area under the arrow/cursor becomes a solid white square. I can still adjust the spline handle, I just can’t see what I’m doing. When the mouse-drag is released, the square goes away. The behavior is consistent. This doesn’t happen at any other time; left-mouse clicking/dragging is unaffected. I don’t observe any other weird behavior. This has been going on for some years now, through several updates of Mocha AE and After Effects, and also two different computers and several different video cards: any version of Win 10, Intel i7 4790k, AMD 5950x; nVidia 650 Ti, GTX 1070, RTX 2070, and RTX 3090.

Thanks for any help!

Hi Tom, this definitely sounds like a bug. The alpha for the cursor image is probably not applying correctly for that specific handle adjustment mode. We’ll look at fixing it for later versions.

OK. Thanks for the response. Was really hoping there was something I could do on my end, despite how long I’ve lived with it.

Sadly not. The cursors are built into the binary so you can’t modify it externally. We’ve clearly missed a cursor mask on this particular cursor. If you use X-splines you shouldn’t get the same problem.