Another Title Tool Glitch

After exporting an Avid project I noticed a single frame glitch. I was able to isolate it to the filler layer with the title tool effect applied to it

Going back into the title tool it turned out to be the first frame of a container that was off screen at the time

and by turning elements on and off isolated it to the material flat texture (plain white) used in that container

oddly enough dragging and resetting the timeline for that container got rid of the bad frame for now. Hopefully it doesn’t pop up again on the next full export

Update. The glitch reappears after rendering the effect in Avid, or even with the render engine in boris when playing back in the title tool


It looks as if your material track might be slightly offset from the texture track by a frame. It should be fixable by expanding the start of your material/texture tracks so that they line up. If you could send me your Title Studio project (save out of Title Studio and send the .blu file that is created) I can confirm if this is the case, or see if perhaps something else is going on.


That was the problem though I have no idea how they had gotten out of alignment as any keyframing and adjustments were only done on the main container track