Another track not matching AE question

Sorry I know this has been posted probably before but I can’t seem to find any solution.

I have a track done in Mocha and when I export by copying transform data to a Null (I’ve also tried a Solid at the same comp size), it doesn’t match my footage. The strange thing is it seems to match for a while, then drifts away as though there is an offset being applied gradually. The track in Mocha however looks good.

I’ve double checked frame rate and screen resolution and also made sure I pasted the frames at the start of the layer. Any other ideas as to why this might be happening please?

I’m using the Mocha that comes with AfterEffects


Is the footage frame rate the same as the comp framerate in AE? Check the footage interpretation, that sometimes gets me too.

Yes, the footage is interpreted as 25 fps, comp rate set to 25 fps, and clip also read as 25 fps within mocha.

The strange thing is the track will match the footage but then slowly drift off. Is there a sort of anchor point or offset within mocha?



Many thanks!

OK, so if your settings all match between your footage, your ae comp, and mocha then the problem is most likely your track. What happens when you turn your surface tool on in mocha? If it drifts, it may be that your track isn’t as solid as you’d like. Look for an occlusion like a reflection or shadow moving your track off course. You may need to avoid that part of the tracking area, or you might need to use adjust track.

Can you check out your data and make sure the track is rock solid?


Thanks Mary. The surface is drifting all over the place and seems to be moving in no relation to the mask, although the mask is tracking correctly. How do I get the surface to stick to the mask please? When exporting transform data from mocha, does it not export the mask, or only the surface please? Sorry am new to this.

If the surface is drifting, it means the track is not correct. The surface represents the corner pin that is ultimately exported.

It’s important to know that the surface and mask have no direct transforming link to each other. The layer mask is a search area in mocha, so it only tells mocha where to look when tracking. Moving it will not adjust the surface. Likewise, the surface is just a child of the tracking data, so moving it will not affect the spline.

This video helps explain the concept fairly well:

I hope this helps!