Any GPU usage in Standalone?

Simple question.

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What are you referring to? Please make your question as detailed as possible.


In the OFX, here that’s for VegasPro17, I can see MOCHA using my GPU memory as it Tracks. Good!

In the standalone MOCHA all I see being used is my CPU. Hence my question: Does the Standalone MOCHA use my GPU memory for tracking?

If you require further detail, please ask.

It might be helpful for them to know which Boris product you have. Several of them include Mocha but they don’t all use the gpu the same way. Unhappy side effect of buying up someone else’s product :frowning:

The latest versions of Mocha Pro, whether plugin or standalone, use certain GPUs for tracking and removal. Legacy versions of Mocha do not, so it will depend on your version.

We do not support all GPUs, however, so please see our supported graphics card list for Mocha Pro here: Boris FX | Supported Graphics Cards

@maryp can you say if you support the GTX 1050? It’s not listed as a yes OR a no on that list.

If it’s not a yes or no on that list I would say no.

But you can try it and see what your results are. If you crash, turn it off, and it’s a no. If it works, it’s a tentative yes even if it’s not technically supported.