Any side to side Push, Pull, or Slide Transition in Sapphire?

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Yes, look in S_Transition presets, there are some basic push and pulls in there. Also you can take some of the more advanced transitions like HyperPush and Whiplash and turn those into very basic push/pull/slides.


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Ah ok great, thanks for the info Brian. I’ll give them a try!

Hi Brian,

I went through the S_transitions and found that S_SwishPan seems to be the only one that worked perfectly for having a basic push/pull from from left to right, etc. I set the ‘Blur Amount’ to 0, and a adjusted the Overlap to -0.02 to give a nice little gap between the clips. The only thing I couldn’t do was set a color for the gap region or just place a color bar with a certain width instead of a gap, but this is a minor problem, that can be adjusted using a composite node and adding in a color background.

I also just found out that the BCC SwishPan has a “Use Colored Background” option which allows for color changing for the gap region set between clips, so I think for an all-in-one solution for basic push/pull of clips in a the x or y direction, BCC SwishPan seems to be THE ONE to do this type of transition.

Just a note, if you have any spare time, please let me know if there are other specific Transitions you’ve tested, because I could not seem to get any type of basic left to right action with the Hypers or the Whiplash or any others S_Transitions. but please let me know of any other info you happen to come across along the way. Thanks again for your suggestions :slight_smile: