Any side to side Push, Pull, or Slide Transition?


I’m just trying to find a BCC or Sapphire Push/Pull or Slide transition that would allow me to move the clips from left to right or right to left. Does any exist?

I’m working in After Effects and I know I can do this manually with some keyframes or just use one of the Transition “Slide” AE has in the effects panel, but they are still a bit manual any I would much rather just use a BCC or Sapphire transition, which would pretty much only require me to sett the start/end values (0% and 100%) and be done with it. Thanks for any info on this :slight_smile:

Hi There,

I would suggest using the BCC+ Swish Pan for that. Once in the filter you can control the speed of the transition and the level of blur that is applied to the outgoing and incoming shots along with other things such as roll speed, clip separation, color correction etc.

I hope this helps!