Any suggestion on best practice for remote/work from home

Hi All,
I would like to know is there any best practices followed for better performance in silhouette while working in Remote.
Facing lagging and pixelating issues in the viewer.

Please suggest

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To avoid lagging:

  1. Download the source files to your machine and import the local files.
  2. When rotoing, set your View to Foreground and the use then use Shift-A to toggle the display alpha on/off when it need to be checked.

To avoid viewer pixellation:

  1. Make sure the View > Proxy pop-up menu is set to 1:1
  2. Set the Viewer > Zoom Filter preference to Linear

Hi @marco,
Thank you for the response really appreciate it.
Unfortunately I cannot download the footage/source files to my local machine as I will be working with pcoip connecting to my office system.
I will definitely try the other settings you have mentioned and keep you posted on the results.
Thanks again.


@anandhaiyappan If you can’t load your footage locally, you can pre-cache the frames by playing through them first before starting to work with the files. Make sure the length of your clip does not exceed the amount of frames that you can load displayed at the bottom of the screen.
Once cached, you should get normal playback speed.

If your clip is longer than what you can load into the cache, adjust your work range to what can fit. Change the work range as each section is completed and re-cache.

@marco we have tried all the above settings in the machine but we are still facing the issue.
As I mentioned earlier we are using PcOip for the remote desktop. Do u have any other recommendations?

@anandhaiyappan If you are trying to run Silhouette over the internet on a remote desktop, the quality of your experience will be directly related to the speed of your internet connection.

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@anandhaiyappan Hi, just a couple thoughts. Have you tried changing the settings on your remote software to see if there is a better or highest quality setting to address the pixelation? Maybe upping your internet speed or connecting directly to the ethernet cable may help with lagging? Have you tried working with an ROI in Silhouette? I do that all the time for paint and roto and it really helps.

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Noted @marco. Thank you for the help anyway.

And thank you for your time.

Hi @Katie,
Thank you for the recommendations, Other softwares are working fine we are facing this issue only in SFX. So may be internet may not be issue However Using of ROI is very good option we will try to using this one.

Thanks again.

Follow the below mentioned best practices:
Make communication your top priority.
Push yourself to experiment and find ways to be more productive.
Be ready to work at different times of the day.
Schedule in-person meetings every once in a while.
Socialize and put efforts to strengthen your bond with the team

Use tools like Webex, Gomeetnow, Gotomeeting etc. for better remote collaboration experience with your clients, employers, teams etc.