Any timeline on Mojave compatibility?

I see in the FAQs that I shouldn’t upgrade to Mojave. Any estimate on when we will get an update?

All our 2019 products, due out before the end of this year will support Mojave and all host versions that are compatible with Mojave.


Dear Boris,
I have upgraded to Mojave, and Continuum 11 (indeed) stopt working whereas all my other plugins (from motionvfx such as mflare and mO2, as well as Coremelt’s trackx etc.) still work fine.
Can you please try getting Continuum 11 work again as soon as possible (I am a great fan of it, use it often in my projects with great results)?

many thanks!


Sorry about that. We will update Continuum to the 2019 version before year’s end with full Mojave support. It takes a bit of time because of the depth of the product.

Hello theBoris,

If the update Continuum 2019 works with Mojave, will also version 10 or 11 work with Mojave. Or do we have to buy a expensive upgrade. All others plugins work (Coremelt for example) they have a free update.