Any tips for screen insert on this impossible shot?

I am trying to insert a phone screen into this shot, but I can’t get a good track on anything near the prop the actor is holding. Only two edges of the prop are visible at any time. Any idea of how I can track this seemingly impossible shot?

Mocha Pro 9.0.1 2022

thank you!

Hello Ryan!
This one surely would be not easy to track, and will require manual tweaking. We barely can track the prop itself due to transparency, but at least we can see that two contrasty edges. First thing I would try, is to get some track data from that edges, and also track her hand (after she turns). That’s obviously not the same surface plane, but at least they move in relatively same direction, so we can use that as a base, and then tweak that in AdjustTrack tab

Hi there, ok I’ll give that a go. Thank you for your reply!

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Yeah even tracking the relative position of the head is going to be tricky here because her hair moves, especially in the first 25-50 frames, then her fingers curl. As Elizabeth says, manual track is going to be your friend here.
For such a short shot, just getting the back half tracked and then manually tracking the sharp perspective turn might do it.

Hi, I had a go with this, I enjoy a challenge but it needed so much adjustment i wouldn’t class it as ‘tracked’,
there’s a few frames in the middle where the edges are highlighted but
there’s parts where you don’t see the prop at all so it’s guesswork there.
she jerks it at one point when her hand twitches forward,
her head & hand move beyond tracking abilities.
I tried rendering the clip as BW etc, to try pin point highlights/markers for Mocha to track, but the light & shadows change as she turns & like i say the prop disappears at times…

I’ve had stuff just like this (about 20 shots) on a show we recently worked on but unfortunately, I just did it with 3de and manually object tracking in Maya. I would have attempted it in Mocha but we didn’t have a new version until today.
Granted, we at least had a surface around the stupid transparent thing !

Good luck !