Any way to make manual tracking not suck when mixing with planar tracking?



I have a handful of shots, very shaky, lots of movement. I can do a pretty ok planar track over portions of the shot, but the heads and tails and bits in the middle need to be manually animated.


So, I jump into manual track mode after doing as much planar tracking as possible and start manipulating my surface. Great. The issue I’m having is that now that all this manual animation is done, my surface is not where it was for the rest of the clip when I began manually tracking. It seems as though manual tracking screws up my corner pin surface, which means I trash the work and start over, very frustrating. This is something that’s happening on multiple systems to the coworkers sitting next to me as well.


I’ve tried to jump into the confounding operation that is adjust track. I’ve been using Mocha for years and I still don’t understand how to get consistent results.


I’ve taken to using nulls and expressions on my corner pin to do surface adjustments in After Effects, but it would be nice to be able to reliably animate my surface in Mocha without the surface position getting messed up.


Any thoughts?



I would personally try AdjustTrack first. It can be difficult to get proper results w/out plaything with it a bit. It is essential to “Set A Master KeyFrame” and I always do 'Set Master All".

When I adjust the keyframes, I always make a minor adjustment to each corner of the surface (even if I don’t need one), so I know there is a master keyframe adjustment on all 4 corners. for every visible KF.

When possible I avoid using the “New Ref”, unless there is a long occlusion and I have good reference area that is relatively close to the corner of the surface. SOmetimes it is helpful, but for very particular shots.


Beyond AdjustTrack, you can use Manual Track which exposes all the surface keyframes. I recomned using Manual Track as last resort if Adjust does not work. Also using the dope sheet to delete keyframes that you do not want. This is the issue that most run into with Manual Track. If you want to hand animate the surface, you need to delete all keyframes on the area you are animating.


Hope this helps. If you are an AE user, the MochaImport script gives you additional ability to keyframe the tracked corner pin with expressions back in AE and has some other useful features: MochaImport+ V6 - aescripts + aeplugins -