Anyone get Mocha Pro 2019 to work in Resolve Studio 15.2.2?

I can’t seem to get it to work. Mocha opens with a grey screen where one would expect to see video.

Anyone else go Mocha to work with Resolve Studio 15.2.2?

(BTW - it does seem to work in Fusion Studio 9.0.2 so the OFX plugin is working - just not in Resolve)

Currently, the Mocha Pro 2019 OFX plug-in does not officially support Resolve. Blackmagic is aware of the support issues and has committed to working with Boris FX to make this work in the future.

Currently, Mocha Pro standalone software can run on a Resolve system and can be used to render object removes, stabilization, screen inserts and mattes to be imported into Resolve.

Additionally, both Continuum and Sapphire OFX plug-ins do support Resolve and include a light version of Mocha for tracked masks and effect isolation.

The Fusion 9 standalone application does support Mocha Pro 2019 OFX plug-in, however the Fusion panel inside of Resolve 15 does not.

Please view the Mocha Pro 2019 tech/specs chart to see more.

It’s a funny thing that I was reluctant to purchase a multi-host license for Sapphire and Continuum (I primarily use Avid) because there are various hiccups in Resolve and Fusion with all BorisFX plugins. Some work and some do not. I have been told that Sapphire is probably the most compatible but even then I have seen some odd behavior. Continuum also has some significant challenges when it comes to Resolve.

I hope that in the future BorisFX and BMD will put more effort into fully supporting Resolve Studio. I guess time will tell.

We are actively working on it. While OFX is an open standard, the way it is implemented across platforms varies slightly by host. We hope to have a solution by teaming up with BMD sooner rather than later.

I’m hopeful. BorisFX is an outstanding toolkit and when you combine all three packages (Mocha, Continuum and Sapphire) it quickly becomes indispensable.

BTW - Thanks so much, Mary, for chiming in on this. I very much appreciate it.

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Hi there,
About this, I can tell that a huge part of the Resolve community (which is huge too) is actually waiting for it.
What is weird when you start investigating this field is that you can see a specific Mocha implementation work inside Resolve when for example launched inside a Sapphire OFX ; I can also open Mocha OFX as well in Resolve, the GUI is hereon my mac etc, but it won’t work in the end…
So one can actually go so far that it’s more frustrating than if nothing showed up at all :wink:

About the Fusion side, yes, it works in my Fusion 8 Studio, but you know, this forces a complicated workflow (From Resolve > Fusion Connect (VFX CONNECT now) > Mocha there in fusion > save > back to resolve to refresh the result).
Doable but a pain, even more because Fusion performance is faaaaaar from Resolve one…
In the end, only mocha pro standalone is a real solution so far…