Anyone using Silhouette on Netflix shows?

Hey folks,
I am looking to do some research for a marketing story and would like to talk to any SIlhouette roto/paint artists that have worked on Netflix shows.

If you have used Silhouette on any Netflix distributed show, please ping me here:
@rosss or shoot me an email RossS (at) Boris FX (.com).


Hi @rosss . I was the lead paint & roto artist on Netflix’s Project Power which released this year.

We used Silhouette heavily for both roto & paint work. I have a blog page too showing some of this work:

Happy to answer any questions etc. Cheers!

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Hi Josh,
Great work! I have not seen the show yet, but now I have a reason.
I have your email and will reach out.

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Hey Josh - I really enjoyed your reel. Very nice work!

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