Anyway to "refine edge" - Global Mask expansion/contraction directly in mocha


Is there anyway in Mocha Pro and/or Mocha AE to globally expand/contract a created mask/shape layer?

I realize in AE i can create an AE mask directly from Mocha after creating a shape layer in Mocha that will allow me to use the host AE mask expand/contract option/keyframe to accomplish this but I am wondering if I can do it directly in Mocha Pro/Mocha AE rather than creating an AE mask to do it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You - Roman

@RomanAnthony Hi, holding Alt+Shift while dragging the white dotted Transform tool box, keeps the aspect ratio & expands from the centre, or
you can make the edge width a negative number, then click Set,

that will create a feathered edge by moving the red spline in,

You can then make the edge width 0 & click Set again & the feather will be removed, the spline will stay at the reduced size

It doesn’t work when expanding the spline tho, so that would be nice to find out,
some size & position controls would be nice, 4 corner points on a four sided sided spline seems feasible but if there’s many control points that would be hard tho,

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You can use the Uber Key on the far righthand side of the timeline to do an “above all adjustment of the shape,” which means you can expand or contract any shape across the timeline, or change the shape however you like and retain your underlying animation. Simply click the U icon and then expand or contract your shape with the transform tool. Click A again to turn “autokey” back on when you’re done so you don’t continue to offset points.

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@maryp Thank you so much for that information Mary I really appreciate that and appreciate your instruction with the educational videos. Have a great day, Roman.