App Manager not starting after big sur update?!?!


does anybody have the same problem!
I did the mac big sur upgrade…(
now if i want to start the app manager it tries to launch but there is no window coming up??!??!?

and after that i have to force it to quite…

i tried reinstalling it but nothing changed, still not working…

i thought maybe some of you might know what i´m missing here

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yep same problem here too

Hey Guys,

Thanks for posting. We’re actively working on an update to the Application Manager so that it will perform as expected under Big Sur. We expect to make the update available within the next few weeks or so.

Thanks for your patience while we work on this.


good to know.
It makes the whole activation/updating process less cumbersome
cause i´m constantly switching between laptop and desktop for projects!

By the way even with the previous version of the AppManager, i always had to activate my sapphire license inside Resolve again when opening a session…
would be great to not have to do it over and over again…
maybe in the next version?!? :wink:

thankl you for the fast reply!

(and by the way great software in general …)

Thanks for letting me know about the deactivation/reactivation issue in Sapphire - I’ll mention that to engineering and hopefully it’ll be something that can receive some attention while we’re in the process of the update to the App Manager for Big Sur.

not alone pal, same here

Has there been any progress on this? I just did the update and am now having this issue as well.

Hi there!

Thanks for your patience while we refactor the App Manager to operate as expected under Big Sur. We’re very close to release and hope to have a free update available very soon, hopefully later this week.


How’s the update coming?
We’re nearing mid-June and I still can’t open it.
Worst of all, my Primatte is giving me that friendly Red X when I use it.

Downloads has shown a new update ( for the App Manager for a few days -

I installed the Windows version a few days ago and it solved a long existing problem where my BorisFX products did not show as ‘owned’ even though they showed as licenced. All is good now.

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Bless you!

Hi, I have a display problem with the new version on my M1-Macs: Fonts in buttons, menus - all GUI-elements are disrupted. So almost unusuable to me. Both machines (MB Air M1 and Mac mini M1) have the latest Big Sur 11.4 installed. Do I need a special add. font?


Hi There,

I’ll check in with QA to see if there are also seeing the issue that you are reporting on your M1 system and I’ll report back on their findings shortly.

One thing to note is that of our products, only Sapphire is ready and available with native support the Mac M1 chipset - it’s a WIP for the rest of the product line and almost there but not something that is currently available to the general public.

Thanks for letting us know about this.


Hi Peter,
Attached a screenshot:


Thanks Eckart,

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! :slight_smile: Thanks for sending this along - most appreciated.