App Manager won't Deactivate


My Application Manager won’t deactivate my apps on my laptop, and my desktop’s App Manager won’t connect to Boris. It just says “Connecting”



There’s a known issue regarding use of the App Manager on Win 10 systems over WiFi and from the description you provided I believe this is what is affecting your system. To resolve this, switch to a hard-wire connection and the App Manager will then be able to connect to the server and deactivate your license.



I don’t have the option to use a cable where I’m at.


Ok, deactivating is going to be a little difficult then and the level of difficulty will depend on the product you are attempting to deactivate. What product are you working with … Continuum, Sapphire or Mocha Pro?


What I did was to uninstall Sapphire from the laptop (Mac), and then use the Activation option on the desktop (Windows). It seems to be working.