Application Manager "Activate" Doesn't Affect Continuum

Subject says it all. On either Mac or PC, pressing the master “Activate” button in the BorisFX Application Manager does not successfully activate Continuum.

I have the BorisFX Complete Suite.

Every other app (Sapphire, Silhouette, Mocha) does activate / deactivate with this master button.

But to activate Continuum, you need to go into the Host app (like Resolve), where you’ll see giant X’s over each image, go to the OFX controls, then hit License. Then look up your serial number and type it in manually (can’t be copy-pasted because you need to type “-” while entering the key).

This is all mega frustrating. Now that vaccines are available, I’m splitting work between the studio and home and needing to take my projects and license with me.

It’s so annoying to manage the Continuum activation / deactivation.

Please make it work with the master button in the BorisFX Application Manager.

Also, on Windows Sapphire often refuses to deactivate even though you’ve quit, in my case, Resolve, and no host is running. Need to restart the computer in order to Deactivate, which makes moving the license extra irritating.

Hi There,

Thanks for letting us know about the issues you’re seeing while working with the BFX Suite and the BFX Application Manager. We expect to have an update to the Application Manager that should resolve the issue that you describe and hopefully we’ll be able to release that update within the next week or so. The update will be a free download from our web site.


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