"Apply export" wrongly exports same tracking info when several layers have been tracked

Hi, I’ve been using the Mocha CC for more than 10 years. Always works great. However, I’ve just upgraded to AE 22 - Mocha version 8.0.4 - on a Silicon Mac and have opened a project I was working on with my previous computer. I have 2 tracking layers inside the same effect, and when I click “apply export” it doesn’t matter if the previously exported data is layer 1 or 2 - it will always apply corner pin info from layer 2 info, even if I exported information from layer 1. The only workaround I’ve found is to duplicate mocha effect in the same After effects layer and keep only one mocha layer per effect, which is not ideal. Bug? Thanks. J

This sounds like a bug and unfortunately it also sounds like a regression. I am going to let @martinb know.

This is not a regression in Mocha AE but it is fixed in Mocha Pro.

@John_puppeteer the problem will be addressed in the next update of Mocha AE, as it absorbs many of the recent fixes made to Mocha Pro. I can’t tell you when it will be updated (because only Adobe can tell you that), but it has been addressed.

You’ve found the appropriate workaround for the time being. We’re actually surprised it took this long for the bug to be found. Perhaps the majority of artists were only ever exporting one track at a time!!