Apply Export

Hello , I have a problem with apply export . when i bottom apply export it dissapier my mask while all key frames is correct .Does anyone have any idea? I quote example
Left photo ago apply export
Right photo next aplly export!

If this is a direct paint on top, is the rest of the frame alpha?
If so, is the surface in Mocha aligned to that frame?

i do my mouth and you can see the color is very little . i beleve that i have do mistake . the mask is mocha is bigger , i dont know if is mistake

I want to find out if it is bug or my mistake.
Sorry for the inconvenience

I am unsure, can you send me the file and the footage to and I will take a look?

I am not sure why your mask was pasting in incorrectly, so I deleted it and tried again. But first I made sure the solid layer was the same size as the footage. Then I applied the mask to the original layer and copied and pasted it into your precomp on the solid layer and it worked fine. I think you may have been placing the mask on a layer that wasn’t the same size as the original clip. I have attached the AE file into your original email you sent me for reference.

therefore i deleted all my masks and starting beginning ?

I’d make sure everything is the same size and re-paste whatever masks you need.

Thanks for your help I understood what you did and I managed it but , when i make 4th mask in mocha , it show this error and i try make other mask every time it show this massage

It sounds like the track you are creating or linking to is not stable or warps too much. Turn the surface tool on and make sure it is visible throughout the track, if not, chances are the track is corrupt and needs to be redone.

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