Apply tracking data to replacement sky in VR


Hi there,

Sorry for this basic question (just getting started in Mocha VR), but I wondered if someone could help me work out how to track x and y rotation and roll for a sky replacement on equirectangular (monoscopic) drone footage?

I’ve done the horizon track and reorient to stabilise, but would like to know if it’s possible to re-use that tracking data on the sky plate to match the movement in the original shot.

Many thanks in advance.



Yes, you should be able to match the movement in the original shot, but not the reoriented shot. It all depends on what you need to do. You’d have to retrack for the reoriented shot for best results. I would try to add effects after reorient, unless you’re doing a rig removal, in which case, I would remove the rig before I used reorient, to keep the rig more stable.


Many thanks for the reply Mary.

Rather than paint out the drone I think I’d rather do a full sky replacement, so will follow your advice and re-track the stabilised and reoriented comp and add the new sky to that.

Thanks again,



Hi mate

I’m struggling with the same issue. Could you please explain how you solved it. Thanks