Applying BCC Image shatter on a Matte key in Avid issue


I’ve got a matte key of a sword that I would like to shatter and then have the pieces drop down. I add the Image shatter effect by dragging it onto the clip (not ALt dragging) and tick on Apply to Title-Matte so that the effect will only work on the matte key image. But I need the sword to be placed in a different position, since there are no Transform or Geometrics options in this effect how can I move my clip to where I want the effect to happen?

Thank you.

You can achieve that result by Alt+Dragging the BCC DVE Basic filter on top of the BCC 3D Image Shatter. Then set the background in the image shatter filter to none and you should be able to reposition the matte key of the sword.


Great, thank you.

Glad I could help! :slight_smile: