Applying Tracking Data in AE Causes Layer to Disappear

Hi there, looking for any advice on an issue I’ve been trying to resolve for a few days.

Have attempted to track an object (styrofoam cup) to replace a logo on a tea label hanging off it’s side. Besides issues around auto tracking the object (which Mocha found impossible to track) I have now run into issues with applying the tracking data Ive generated from a manual track I finally managed to create…

After painstakingly creating a manual track in Mocha, applying the tracking data to the replacement label causes it to disappear entirely in After Effects. Oddly, after the tracking data is applied the corner pins are still visible, and track the label perfectly, its just that the layer itself is not visible.

Additionally, expanding the planar surface to fill the entire frame completely removes, alters or distorts multiple manual key frames…which makes no sense (I have successfully used this workflow on this project on a number of shots, except this shot is the only one i had to manually set).

To avoid some “I’m an idiot” mistakes, I have double checked the following:

  • Checked resolution of the replacement graphic, it matches that of my composition.
  • As a precaution I tried Pre-composing the graphic and applying the tracking data to it, same issue.
  • Checked the opacity of the disappearing layer, it’s properly set.
  • Checked the planar grid, planar surface and inserted logo clip in Mocha, all visible and follow the manual tracks I have set.
  • AE is up to date
  • Checked the forums, most similar posts involved the object being placed off frame, or not in the right place, in my case its disappearing all together, despite the corner pins being in the right place.
  • Have watched multiple tutorials and troubleshooting videos, including the Boris FX “Top 6 Mistakes” video.
  • I have attempted the same process with a fully auto-tracked attempt (really badly tracked), and I still have the same issue. I can see the corner pins correctly following the track, but the layer has disappeared…so frustrating.

Willing to share working files. I’m desperate, it’s day 3 of trying to get a working track.

Hi @dudereply. You can DM the project to me directly if you don’t want it public or email martinb [at]

If you have set “manual tracking” any changes to the surface will create new keyframes. Essentially the surface literally becomes the track. It does sound odd that it would be killing multiple keyframes though.

My first guess is the distortion in the plane is causing the drawing to become so skewed that the layer is disappearing, but we’ll need to check the file.

Hey Martin, thanks for getting back to me.
Will email you directly, and share files via wetransfer.