Applying tracking to a layer doesn't work the way the tutorial says

It’s a small thing but makes me wonder if I’m somehow doing something wrong.

The tutor at Silhouette Paint - Getting Started - Motion Tracking Comparison - YouTube says

  1. Create your tracking data, point in my case.
  2. Create a layer.
  3. Select the tracker and when you hit apply, it will allow you to apply the data to the current default layer (as in 2)

Only it doesn’t

When I click apply, it creates an entirely new layer to apply the tracking data to.

If I want to apply the tracker to my layer, I have to crtl-click on both the layer and the tracker and then when I choose apply, my layer is used.

fwiw, I’m doing this in a Power Matte node if that makes a difference.
Silhouette 2020.5 build 20200611.0

@michaelh The default layer has to have a check mark next to it.
If the check mark is not there and you hit Apply, a new layer will be created. Alternatively, you have to select both the layer and the tracker before hitting Apply to not create a new layer.

@marco What I’m finding is that even if the check mark is there, a new layer is created unless I select both the layer and the tracker.

To be clear, here are the steps:

  1. Select a layer in the object list. Check mark appears in the grid next to the layer.
  2. Select a tracker object, “Apply…” button un-grays and layer check is still showing in the grid.
  3. Click “Apply…” and a new layer is created and shows as the destination layer for the track data in the apply dialog

@michaelh That video and the instructions are out of date. If you look at the current documentation, it says the following:

  • With only trackers selected, clicking Apply creates a new layer and the tracking data is applied to that layer.
  • If a layer is selected along with the trackers, the tracking data will be applied to the selected layer.
    So, you will need to select both the layer and the tracker. Sorry for the confusion.

@marco Thank you