Approaches for the track-too challenging for me!

I have a scene composed of the following
Actor about 3 feet in front of a brick wall. Hanging on the wall just to the left of the actor(when viewed head on) is a large logo I need to replace.
Camera move is as follows
Start-about 45 degree angle towards wall and actor. At this point the logo appears BEHIND the actor
End-Camera slowly pans and turns until it is almost perpendicular to wall and actor. Logo appears to the LEFT of actor.
In addition this shot has stabilisation applied. It needs to match a previous shots which also has stabilisation applied(both stabilised in AE)
I know I will need
-1 rotoscoping of actor since logo appears behind at beginning
-2 planar tracking to replace logo with new logo and-or fx
Still a mocha novice…any tips appreciated!

I’d actually need to see the shot to give solid advice on this. You can email me an example at martinb[at]imagineersystems{dot} com if you like.
To track something on a wall behind the person, you can always track any part of the wall, as it’s on the same planar surface. You can then position the surface over the track.
As for the person being in front of the logo, you’ll just have to roto them out. You can track parts of the body to assist the roto. Naturally you’ll only need to roto the parts of the actor where they cover the logo.