At my wit's end corner pinning to AE CS5.5

I’m trying to corner pin a simple graphic to a sign in a video, and no matter what I do, when I paste the corner pin data from Mocha into AE, it’s off to the side.
I’ve followed this tutorial to the letter:
And it still ends up way off the mark. The comp and video are the same size, and I used Align surface (tried beginning frame, end frame, and middle frames) just like the tutorial said…no change.
Here is a render of my video: - YouTube
I’ve tried this tutorial, too:After Effects Tutorial - Corner pinning with Mocha for CS5 - YouTube
Same thing.
Any help would be appreciated. I’ve spent six hours on this one thing. I’ve used Mocha twice before with absolutely no problem. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

Re you pasting in on the first frame in AE? Can you describe your workflow in detail?