Attach layer not working

I watched a couple videos in which the Attach layer tool is used to close seams between adjacent masks. From what I gathered, you press the button, select the child point, and then drag it over the parent point of another mask when you see the little logo pop up. I do this and the points match, but then if I play the clip or select any of the two points, they’re not stitched as demonstrated on the videos. What am I not doing?


Hi there,

Which version of mocha Pro are you using? Are you switching back to the Select tool when you try yo move the linked points?

I’m using Mocha pro V2.6.1

Yes, after I use the attach tool to snap the points together, I’ve tried both directly playing the clip without touching anything, as well as using the pick tool to try to grab both. In both cases the masks prove to be completely independent.



Unfortunately the Attach tool in V2 does not work like it does in later versions.
In V3 and above it actually links a point to another point. In V2.6 there was a defect that makes it more like a snap tool than a linking tool.

Alright, sounds like it’s time for an upgrade. Out of curiosity, has playback performance for scrubbing been improved/changed since v2.6? I’ve had pretty choppy scrubbing and playback performance on the timeline even though I’m caching to a SSD

Overall performance is always being improved, but you might want to grab the latest trial and check it out to see if it works well for you:

ok, will give it a shot. Are newer mocha scene files backwards compatible with older software? If I make a mocha scene in 4 and my coworkers try to open it on 2.6 what happens?

You can open older files into mocha 4, but mocha 4 has a new project format to support more flexible clip handling. You colleagues would be able to open the v4 files in earlier versions, but results may not be predictable.