Attaching existing particle to another emitter?

How do I attach an existing particle to another emitter?

I have started working on a system, and then I thought that I would get some presets into the system. But I can’t figure out how to attach one particle to another system since the node graph appears to be purely visual — I can’t drag the output from the emitter into another particle.

So in example above: what I wish to do is connect smoke into the flock node so that I can have smoke coming from the same emitter.

I have also tried copy + paste and nothing happens. Is this a feature or a bug? In other particle system / node system, I am able to connect nodes together, which I assume is not the case here. I can see that I can create new nodes by “Adding another particle type” but it would be far more convenient if I could just clone an existing one instead of having to start from scratch.

Currently the nodes are for navigation only – you can’t share nodes or move them around.

There’s currently no way to move or copy a particle type from one emitter to another. You can duplicate the emitter (and all of its particle types) and then work on the new copy. Select the emitter node then Ctrl-D (Cmd-D on Mac) or use the emitter’s “hamburger menu” and select “Duplicate”.

Thanks — that’s what I thought. Hopefully they can be “rebranched” in the future. Even a burger menu copy all attribute and paste into another node would be helpful.