Attempting to stabilize a hawk hunting in a clean sky

Using Mocha Pro Plugin 2022.5 Version 9.5.2, I’m trying hard to find a way to stabilize this footage of a rough-legged hawk hunting high over a field. This results in next to nothing to stabilize against. I’ve attempted to track the bird itself, but maybe I don’t know how to do that well and make it look natural. I’ve also tried to grab large swaths of the sky in hopes that Mocha would pick up some nearly imperceptible cloud detail. Any pointers appreciated!

Loaded the unstabilized footage below:

The video is private and unavailable for playback. When sharing the source footage, it’s better to upload if to file sharing services like WeTransfer, but not to YouTube. YouTube adds another level of compression to the video - it’s okay for previewing, but for tracking or any post-processing it’s better to work with Source.

Ah, thank you @elizabeth.postol! Here’s a WeTransfer file:

Hello, all! Just circling back to see if anyone might have any advice on this one.