Audio Input to Drive Settings [Feature Request]

I’m sure this one wouldn’t be particularly easy to implement, but it’d certainly be WAY WAY useful, particularly for motion graphics. And making stuff for music videos.
How to go about it? Hard to say. Each and every parameter can be individually audio driven? Only some parameters?
Perhaps simply being able to open an audio file and show its waveform in the keyframe graph editor so we can align various settings to specific points in the audio. That’d be the easiest solution I reckon.
But automatically driving parameters based on audio input would be just incredible!! … And probably more than a bit complicated.
Just a thought. Be well. Stay safe and healthy and as sane as one can in these trying times.

Hi there!

Thanks for bring this up.

We added the Beat Reactor to Particle Illusion last year, which can do exactly what you are describing, however this is one of the features in Particle Illusion that is exclusive to the plug-in version of the product.

If you apply the plug-in version of Particle Illusion to a clip in any supported host, you’ll notice that there is a feature at the bottom of the control panel labelled Beat Reactor. Enable this feature and you’ll find that you can drive certain parameters with an audio clip - the audio waveform will be represented by a graph overlay which you can fine tune and use to drive the values of the exposed parameters.

For more info on how to use the Beat Reactor please visit our on-line tutorials here : Boris FX | Videos


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AH! Cool. … I’m just on the free standalone here. Can’t really afford the plugin, or justify buying it as I’m pretty much “just” a hobbyist using this to make video clips for my music videos.
Very cool that you’ve already implemented this tho. :smiley:
And, again, thank you SO MUCH for making the standalone free. Way awesome of you. :smiley: