Autopaint View Switch Feature Request

Hi there,
May I ask for a preference that switches to input view automatically when playing out an autopaint. Viewing the input supposedly makes the render go faster but I always forget to switch before firing it off. What do you think?

@fxeditor In the case of Paint, switching to the View to Input won’t affect the render speed. Switching the View to Input in a Roto will be much faster especially if you have a lot of shapes with motion blur. In Roto, there are shortcut keys to automatically switch from Input to Output with an alpha overlay for spot checking the result. So, setting the View to Input will benefit Roto.

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Got it. Thanks for clarifying!

Switching to the input view might actually help a bit, since the viewer won’t need to refresh every time something changes.
However, the real fix is to optimize auto paint to avoid going through the undo system (as much), which is being researched.