Autotrack going well, leave and come back, and it's gone crazy

Here’s something I run into every so often and I’m not sure how to deal with it.
Most of the time, mocha’s auto track is fantastic. I set it up and switch over to another app until its done.
But sometimes, at a certain frame, the tracking spline(s) just goes goes bananas and distorts in all sorts of crazy directions. (Usually when something is moving off screen or it’s moving too fast, or it’s changing shape ? tracking hands is always a pain)
I don’t know what to do when the spline bends into wacky shapes. Do I need to watch mocha like a hawk, correcting shape/position of the tracking spline as it starts to drift off target? Or should I try to fix it all afterward with adjust track? Or should I switch over to manual track?

Usually that happens when the surface you are tracking goes “behind the camera” in mocha’s view space. It makes the surface track go completely bananas.
A way around that is watching the surface and grid when you track and make sure it’s not shooting into negative space in the viewport while you track.
If it is, adjust your surface so it doesn’t go nuts, it won’t harm your track at all.