Avid: Apply to key INVERTED

Is there a way to apply a Sapphire Effect to a clip in Media Composer that has the key inverted?

The more recent versions of Media Composer can link to and transcode graphics - it’s faster than importing and does not require old QuickTime components to be installed on the computer. However the key is brought to the timeline inverted that way - and in Media Composers Matte Key effect Invert Key is already checked.

But If I apply say a S_DropShadow and tick Apply To Title/Key i don’t get the desired result because the effect expects the key to be the inverse.

Most (all?) BCC effects has a tick box to invert the key. Have I overlooked that option in Sapphire? Or is there a manageable workaround?

Best wishes,

Hmmm, I’m not sure Sapphire has a way to do this all in one effect, like Continuum. You could build this effect in the Builder (S_Effect), and then pipe in the alpha, invert, and reconnect everything. Once you built it once, it would be good to go for future use. That’s the real power behind S_Effect. Hope this helps.


Thanks Brian
Builder was also my first thought but I expected the alpha to be in the Mask source node - and that was blank. Maybe I’ll need to ‘extract’ it from the video input.
Better give Builder another try.