Avid - Colour correction/Screen Modes


Is it possible to add Screen modes to say a mobile phone screen replacement using the avid version. I know its possible using Boris as its but into the corner pin effect.


Or would it be possible to nest a mode for example screen or multiply if I insert cutout on the option?


Hi Chris,

It IS possible. In fact, we just made a tutorial about how to do this very thing. http://www.imagineersystems.com/videos/mocha-pro-5-plug-in-insert-tool-for-avid/



Thanks Mary, I did watch this. It was a great help. But did not talk about blending modes. Is it possible some how to do this on avid?


Oh! I am sorry, I overlooked that part. No, unfortunately, I don’t think we have blending modes yet, but that is a great feature request. Right now we can only change gain and opacity in the insert module.


Thanks for the quick reply. Has saved me many hours trying to find the answer. Would defiantly make a great feature…