Avid CRASH when exiting Mocha

I upgraded Avid Media Composer(ver 8.8.2). After I create/save the effect in Mocha Pro(ver 5.51), the moment I exit Avid crashes. I even tried the Mocha lite within my BCC(ver 10.1)…no good I upgraded my NVidia driver so that’s up to date. I spent an hour with Avid tech-support and still crashes. Anybody else experiencing this problem?


Hi there,

We’ve not experienced any crashes on exit for MC 8.8.2 and mocha 5.5.1 in our tests so far, so this is peculiar.
Are you saying mocha in BCC is also misbehaving?

Does the crash only occur on the exit of the mocha GUI?
Did the graphics driver update occur before or after the crash?
Can you provide us with the mocha log from the mocha GUI Help menu (under View Log)?

It may be worth testing the new beta of 5.5.2 to see if you experience the same issue. If you’d like to be involved, please fill out this survey and we’ll be in touch: mocha v5.5.2 Prerelease signup Survey

I’ve got the same problem. I upgraded Avid Media Composer to version 8.8.5. Upgraded my BCC Continuum from 9 to 10 and then installed Mocha Pro 5. After a few restarts of the PC everything was working OK untill I tried to leave the Mocha Pro 5 UI to go back to the Avid UI. Then Avid MC just freezes. White screen and I have to right click and choose “close the program” to get out. I can export the Mocha project to a folder and even reopen it next time but I can never get back to Avid to use it.

Did you manage to solve the Avid MC Crashing when leaving Mocha Pro? I’ve got the same problem and haven’t found a fix yet! - No reply from Boris either, so I’m really stuck at the moment :unamused:

Boris suggested updating the nVIDIA graphic drivers which I then did. It worked! Good luck

Thanks Steve! Will try that

I have the same problem. I have just installed Boris FX continuum v 11 on 21 Composer workstation (MC 8.8.4 Aja/Artist, Avid qualified HP computers). The same problem. I have also 2 workstations with Boris FX 10, no changes, mocha hangs MC app during the exit. Mocha Version 5.6.0 build 917.g21cfe5d5cb8f Build Date Sep 28 2017

I have the same Problem. Avid scashes when I exit mocha. I already updated to the latest nvidia-driver. I use Avid media composer 18.3 and BCC 10.0.6h. The problem doesn’t occur when I’m logged in as “admin”?!?