Avid MC Mocha shape out point

A few times I’ve been running into an issue with a shapes outpoint in Avid MC. For instance, I create a blur preset with a null shape off frame, so that if I end a main shape in the window earlier than the clip end point, I don’t end up with the entire frame blurred. If I create a preset with say 50 frames, when I apply it to a clip of say 100 frames, my null shape is still only 50 frames long. If I don’t remember to extend it to the 100 frames, I end up with the entire frame blurred. It is really easy to miss when the clip is only 1 frame longer for instance. Is there any way to tell a shape to automatically retime to the entire length of the new clip? I should add that this is when using Continuum effects with the mocha tracker. Hope all this makes sense.


Any chance you could send us a test project in this state (without media) so we can be sure we’re understanding you correctly?


Sure thing.